New Ducks Arrive

I remember when my parents and I arrived to the University of Oregon campus for my first term. My head was spinning as I pondered the tasks of trying to figure out where I was going to live, where everything was located and – without a car – how I was going to get around. The reality of that moment didn’t sink in until I watched my folks drive off in my dad’s Ford Ranchero. This would be home for the next few years, and I only knew three people. I was excited and nervous … and probably a little afraid.

Embracing these very common emotions, the UO started a unique program a few years back. It’s called “Unpack the Quack.” Staff, faculty, alumni and volunteers from the community descend on campus to help our new Ducks move into the residence halls. Highly successful the first year, Unpack the Quack is now an annual tradition.

On Thursday, I had the pleasure of helping at this year’s event, and it was terrific. One by one, cars loaded to the brim pulled up with hopefully everything necessary for a new life at the UO. Those of us welcoming the families introduced ourselves and then, quite literally, rolled up our sleeves and moved everything to the students’ rooms. In a matter of 10 minutes per car, each was emptied, allowing parents to spend valuable time working through other crucial details with their student.

If you would be able to join us next year, you should come and volunteer for our Unpack the Quack event. You’d be fondly reminded of what it was like moving to the UO. And I know you’d enjoy seeing the welcome relief you’d provide to the new Ducks and parents during their transition.