A job well done!

I came to work earlier than usual this morning – somewhere around 6:30. As I walked from the parking lot to my office, I paused to look around at our lovely campus. It was quiet but definitely not inactive. Down 13th I could see dozens of our Campus Operations staff hard at work before most others arrive. I watched the “green” truck and its team collecting recyclables; groundskeepers pruning, raking and mowing; a man using a power washer on the front of Johnson Hall; and a garbage truck collecting material from trash cans along the street. Key people - behind the scenes - all proudly doing their job to beautify our alma mater. When we talk about the splendor of our campus and how it’s integral to what we are as an institution, it’s important to remember that it simply doesn’t happen on its own. The tremendous efforts and attentive care of this awesome crew continue to keep the UO looking spectacular. Thank you all for a job well done!