Tim Clevenger and his pal.

Tim Clevenger and his pal.

I write about the University of Oregon from my perspective … I am a product of the university. Much of who I am is a direct result of my time at the UO. My career began because one teacher cared. Many of my friendships were born from my time at the UO. It’s at the UO where I learned to question, think critically and expand my horizons. And the UO is where I met my wife. It is the collective sum of my experience as an alumnus that forms my deep, passionate love I have for the UO. And that shapes how I write about my alma mater.

Does the UO do everything right? Obviously not. What organization does? What person does? But it’s the  commitment to change the world one student at a time that is the overriding principle at play at the university. Not many organizations can lay claim to that same, driving commitment.

I have volunteered on numerous boards within the UO. I also had the honor to serve the UO and her alumni as Executive Director of the UOAA for the last three years. These experiences have only enhanced my love for the UO. Our alumni are amazing, inspiring and a testament to what it means to be a Duck.

I am now leading the UO’s communications and marketing efforts with a specific initiative to tell the world about the academic excellence of this tremendous university. This blog is my spot to muse on this process, share my passion for the UO and to encourage others to explore what they love about this special place we call our alma mater. I invite you to read along and share your thoughts as well. For those of you who followed my writing at the UOAA, I have archived those stories on the Journal Page as well.

Enjoy! Remember, once a Duck, always a Duck!